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Jewellery brand inspired by a combination of Danish & French street style, Bijoux offers rare, high quality high street jewellery.

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Go girl!

Stacker Sets

Shop Bijoux De Mimi's latest huggie hoops collection in collaboration with Lozeak. These dainty sets of colourful huggie earrings are the best asset to your wardrobe for those that have more then two piercings.

Huggie Hoops Styles

How to wear your Mimi's

Our wonderful team have rustered up the perfect instructions for how we suggest you rock your huggie earrings.

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Why so blue?

NEW Blues & Greens!

Shop our newest collection of Blues and Greens. Our best selling styles now available as silver and gold huggie earrings.

Bring your Huggie Hoop A Game...

Our unique huggie earring collection has something for everyone. No matter who you are, make sure you show your true colours, only with Bijoux De Mimi...

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We have a selection of Huggie earrings, cuffs and stcker sets to choose froom.