How To Host The Perfect Pop-Up

How To Host The Perfect Pop-Up

We are in the nearing the end of hosting our summer pop-up store and what better time to go through the nitty gritty details of the pop-up shop do’s and dont’s. But what is a pop up shop? A pop up shop is a short-term in store experience with a brand, effectively 'popping up' in a popular space.

Finding the right space for you: Are you looking to let a pop-up retail space for a weekend, week or even month? Here’s what we reccomend:

Short term - a day or a weekend:  We love SOOK SPACES

Sook spaces are the newest way to host a pop up, and BRILLIANT for smaller businesses' looking to have short term bricks and water. You can read all about them here, but effectively they're the easiest way to explore having a store. All of their shops are in brilliant central locations and are an easily adaptable space. Instead of blank walls they have screens, which you can just upload files onto to make it your own. They supply the shelves, railing and cash desks - all you need is yourselves, your stock and your payment set up - we reccomend IZettle. 

THE PRO’S: IT’S EASY! Sook makes setting up your space the easiest experience ever, simply turn up, set up and open. 

THE CON’S: IT’S EXPENSIVE! Don’t get us wrong, the pro’s obviously outweigh the only con - but as pop-up rentals go its pretty pricey. Just make sure you’ve done the maths and will be able to break even. 

Loads of super cool brands have featured at Sook, like Kate Elisabeth's, Kikakinis or Montana Browns, Swim Society.

 You can check out how we personalised our screens here.

Something longer term - a month or so: MAKE YOUR SPACE YOUR OWN!

You’re now looking for something a little bit longer than a weekend, what we suggest doing after you’ve hosted a few pop-ups before so are looking for something more branded. REMEMBER this is MUCH more of a commitment, you’ll need to consider all sorts like interiors, staff & bills. 

You need to be looking online for a short-term retail let, APPEAR HERE is the best place to find a space like this. OR you can reach out to any commercial letting agencies. You must remember to visit it first and make sure they offer everything you need - don't forget to check they offer what you're after and ask all the important questions, like is there a loo and a storage space?

Our St Christopher's place summer pop-up.

We're two weeks away from closing our summer store and boy has it been fun. Obviously there's been some ups and downs like the dreaded scaffolding we didn't think would be up, or the fact there may be some quieter days. We have however LOVED having our pretty and pink colour-bomb of a store for the extra sales, new customers and brilliant content backdrop! You can find about it all here.


OMG. Foundpop - the BEST idea. 

When you agree to a shorter term let, furnishing it is the most stressful thing to organise, and FoundPop has solved that. Through them you can organise all the furniture and storage you need for your pop up, but not only that - you can have it covered in a custom vinyl of your choice and design, which will automatically make your space branded.