Style By Colour


The most popular way to style our Mimis is to go monochrome. We love to deck our ears out in all one colour, whether it's to spice up a plain outfit or to match an already monochrome look. Even if you don’t have many piercings, using our cuffs to match our other earrings can create a more layered look. Here we have our green collection used in a monochrome look on Tia. We used the Kiki Cuff to give the illusion of a conch piercing on her ears.


Tonal earrings are always a vibe. Using different tones of the same colour is a quick and easy way to add depth to your look. Using our deep blue coloured stones and our turquoise coloured stones is one of our favourite ways to pull this off. Tia wears the Alexandra, the Little Sky and the Greta huggies to create a tonal look.

Contrasting Colour

We all know opposites attract and with colours its no different. Colours that are opposite on the colour wheel make great pairs and compliment each other beautifully. Yellow and purple, blue and orange, pink and green… They all look amazing. Tia wears the turquoise Hannah huggies surrounded by the Saffy and the Ottie huggies. This is one of our favourite ways to style our Mimis! So eye-catching!

Go Bold & Random

Effortlessly cool is the best way to describe this look. Pairing completely random Mimi’s together is one of our fave ways to wear them, they are designed to go with everything! Having an eclectic mix and match earring collection is so on trend right now with all the bright colours everyone has been wearing lately. Never be afraid of clashing colours and prints!