Apply for Work Experience!

As a 21 year-old founder myself, I believe it's brilliant to start your career young and get as much work experience under your belt as possible, therefore we offer a different person work experience once a month at Bijoux De Mimi.

We are a small start-up business and our team can range from 2-7 people depending on the week that you join us, so your role will really depend on what's going on at that specific time. Sometimes it's super exciting with launches, shoots or shops and sometimes it's just a week in the office. The team works Monday-Thursday and are flexible with timings daily!

On the Monday morning, you will join Ellica and I for breakfast where we can get to know you and introduce you to the brand. Throughout your four days you will help with heaps of order management, play with our social media and learn to use our day-to-day tools like click and drop, Shopify and Canva. 

During this time, we will spend one morning 'Re-booting' or creating your CV, and you will leave Bijoux HQ with an easy-editable playful resume that you can use moving forward. 

Given our young & keen audience, we are inundated with applications, so please fill out our form below, this is the only way we will accept so please give as many details as possible and we will try and slot you in where we can!


If you are looking for a placement or internship that we are not advertising for, I am afraid it is something we do not yet offer and will not be able to accommodate. If we are hiring it the job will be easily obvious on our contact us page, social media's and Fashion Workie. We are not currently hiring.