Style By Piercing

Style By Piercing


Bijoux De Mimi is rapidly growing and will be releasing new piercings soon, for now we offer huggies, cuffs and chains suitable for lobe and helix piercings. Where can you put your Mimi’s? Follow the guide below to see how you can style each piercing.

Just a 1st piercing?

We recommend styling your first piercings with a simple pair of colour huggie hoops that have a pendant, these are great casual and minimalistic statements. Here we use the Hannah Huggie Hoops, other options would be the Alexandra Huggie Hoops and Ottillie Bumble Bees.

Just first piercings, why not use a cuff?

Even more stylish than just a simple first piercing, why not add a cuff? Here we recommend showing off statement huggie’s (such as the Amena’s) with a simple cuff, that can disguise as a midi helix piercing. Here we recommend using the Kiki Cuff, though the little rainforest will also do the job! 


Two lobe piercings, add a Cuff!

If you have two piercings in one ear then we love the look of two colour pendant huggies and a cuff! We definitely live by the phrase ‘more is more’! No mid piercing? No problem. We love to use our cuffs on our ears with less piercings. Here we have the Alisa Cuff, the Gemma Droplet and the Adina huggies for a more detailed look.


One Lobe and a Helix

Only have a lobe and a helix? Not a problem! We love the look of a simple flash of colour up in the helix, like using the Lily huggies, a chunky colourful cuff like the Little Sunset huggie and then a pendant huggie of the same colour in the lobe. This look is super balanced and will add to any outfit, whether its for your day or night looks.


Three lobe piercings

Three lobe piercings with all the same colour is such a vibe for us. Here we have all navy stones: the Larly huggies, the Little Ocean huggies and the Alexandra huggies. It looks so gorgeous to have the pendant huggie in the first piercing and then to have steps up the year with the colourful plain huggies to the third piercings.

Three lobe piercings and a helix

We love having dangling statement earrings in the first three piercings and then the Kiki huggie in the helix to add some simple flair. The pendant earrings will make your ears look so elegant yet the helix will add a simple edge that will make you stand out from the crowd! 

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